Earning bigger profits from your eBook and making sure you get the best out of your efforts is all about thinking out of the box. Here are a few of the things you can do to get even more profits from your eBook.

Sell Resell Rights to Your eBook: There are many Internet marketers that have made tons of profits by simply selling the resell rights of their eBook. It is one of the few profit models that still works today no matter what niche you are in. When you sell the resell rights to your eBook and allow people to keep 100% of the profits, you not only make money directly through the sales, but also indirectly when people buy stuff through your affiliate links in your eBook. So, in addition to the main income of the book's sales you also earn extra money with affiliate sales at the same time, neat huh? It is still important, however, to make your eBook as good as it can be so that the people who buy the resell rights won't complain about the quality. Offer Monthly Updates: This isn't a widely used strategy but if you use it correctly you can earn a huge profit regularly. Once you have sold your own eBook and know that your buyers are happy with your product, selling them regular updates to the book can help you earn even more money. That's correct: the people who like your original eBook will be more than happy to keep buying the content you have to offer if you offer it consistently and it still is able to help them. Happy customers won't mind buying more from you because they will trust that you have good stuff. Of course not all of your customers are going to choose a monthly update options but even if only some of them do, you'll make a lot more profits in an easy manner. You can also hold a few chapters back and release them slow and steady to your customers, which would of course be for a price.

eBooks Make Great Classes: It's super easy to break down your eBooks into lessons and parts that you can mail out to a list of subscribers or "students." To truly earn the highest profit possible make sure that you offer several levels of courses from beginning to advanced. You can use this to recruit beginning students and then sell them later on with the idea of advanced learning opportunities. The most important thing, obviously, is giving as much value to your subscribers as possible. You can actually keep a few lessons of your class free and then charge for the advanced ones. Make sure you are as creative as possible so that you actually make a course your students will have a good time in. Finding success with one of eClass will open doors to new ones in the future.

There are all sorts of people who have made all sorts of money doing nothing but selling eBooks but if you want to create a good reputation for yourself and your own eBook you need to think up different and creative methods for increasing your profit margins.

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