Creating a reliable income with the Amazon Associate Program is based upon your ability to choose a great niche and approach it in the perfect way. Once that super strong foundation has been set in, all you'll need to do is see to the necessary factors of earning a regular income through the Amazon Associate system.

Raise Your Conversion Rate with Product Reviews: One of the primary goals of every Amazon Associate is to get as high a click through rate (or CTR) as possible so that more sales can be made. You need to make sure that your target audience can find you and buy from you so make sure that you choose products that actually relate to your chosen niche. Try to remember that your reviews need to be well written and offer a good and clear picture to your readers. Make sure that you are honest in your reviews otherwise your trust and respect levels will be compromised. If you would like to ensure that your review is as effective as possible as the manufacturer to send you a demonstration unit so that you can make sure that your product is unbiased and straightforward. Learn from Others: By simply Googling your niche, you can see who all are selling within your niche through Amazon, so that you can actually learn from the successful ones. The sites that have the highest search engine rankings usually sell the most stuff so study them carefully; their copy, their reviews, their designs, etc. This is not actually stealing; it is an analysis of your competition to see what you can do better than they are. All you need to do is a little bit of homework so that you can capitalize on their weaknesses as well as learn from their strengths. Do not be afraid to look past your niche and see how Amazon Associates have worked in other niches, even the ones in which you don't have much interest. This is a great way to learn how to improve and be more creative.

Make Use of the Site Strip: Amazon has produced all sorts of tools to help you make more sales. The Amazon Associate Site Strip is just one of these tools and it was created to help you have an easier time of searching for pages and products within Amazon. It's a great way to spread the word about a variety of products and pages. It can be used as a widget, in Twitter and in your aStore. For example, all it takes is a click or two to create a link that will work on Twitter and then when people buy through your link you earn money; isn't that neat?

You should be focusing, most importantly, on staying consistent because that is how you will prove that you are better than your competitors.

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